From the mouths of babes

Someone had to share a bench at the lunch table with my 6 year old niece J.

My mother: Whoever has the smallest butt.

J pointed to my mother.  "You!"

Me: Hey!

Note to self: Easy on the chips.


I was showing H's 7 year old niece S some recent pictures, including a few of me and my 8 month old nephew.

S: Is that the first time you ever held a baby?

Me: No.  ... Why?  Do I look uncomfortable.

S: Kinda.


Someone asked my cousin's 2 year old son, V: What does Aunt Krista have?

I look toward Aunt Krista, waiting for V to grab her pocketbook and say "Gum!" or "Candy!"

His response: Big boobs.


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