My Kind of Artist

Lori Portka thought she would have a long career working in a school and a lasting marriage, too.

Neither came true.

She got divorced and, in my favorite line from her bio, "I have degrees in education and counseling and I am so grateful that I am not working in those fields.  Art feels like home to me."

For the last year and a half, Portka has been painting portraits of 100 people she is grateful for.  The project is appropriately titled A Hundred Thank-Yous and is currently on display in New York state.

But, if it ever comes to Chicago, I am first in line!

In the spirit of Stop and Blog the Roses and A Hundred Thank-Yous, today, I am grateful for the people who've inspired me and who I've painted - with words - over the past two years.  To name a few ~

My H
Mama Millie
Grandma LaSala
The Bird People
Star Wars Katie
My anti-Abby Lee Miller


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