Memorial Day: What does it mean to you?

Today, H and I are flying back from New Jersey after a great weekend celebrating our friends' wedding.
Still, I'm reminded of all of the servicemen and women who never returned to their husbands or wives, their children, their parents.
And, I'm reminded of this entry from the Archives ~

For me, Memorial Day used to mean the unofficial kickoff of summer ...
when my share at the Jersey shore would officially start and so would the drinking and sunning and dancing and grilling and overall silliness followed by more drinking and more dancing.

Actually, I still think that's a perfectly fine and fabulous way to spend Memorial Day.

However, in recent years, I've also thought a lot about what it means
when a soldier dies, when someone gets a knock on the door,
when someone loses the most important person in the world to them.

I'm still going to the beach today.  But, before I enjoy my day off, which is all Memorial Day used to mean to me, I'm praying for anyone whose own days ended while fighting for this country
and I am grateful for their sacrifice, grateful for our freedom.



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  • I had a thought yesterday, while watching the parade go by my apartment window. Where are all the people? Where was all the joyful music? It seemed to me that when you and I were kids you couldn't find a spot on the curb to watch the parade. You had to get there early to get a good spot. I also remember music, laughter, dogs barking and bicycle bells being rung. That's not what I saw yesterday. It mad me a little sad.

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