Tornado story: Woman trapped in storm shelter for three days

An Oklahoma woman heard tornado sirens last Saturday morning and immediately ran into her storm shelter.

It was still morning and Debbie Hite was still sleepy so she forgot her cell phone.  She also had no food, water or blankets because, as it turns out, she had been in the process of cleaning out the shelter to prepare for the storm season.


Well, none of that would have been a problem IF, when the sirens went off, she could get out.

But, she couldn't.

From Saturday to Monday, she was stuck. At one point, she fell asleep only to be woken by a spider crawling on her face.

Could. You. Imagine?!

When she didn't show up for work on Monday morning, a search party was sent.

In her words ~ "I’m just so thankful to be out and all day today I’ve been thankful for little tiny things."

And, I imagine she is thankful for the shelter designed to protect her from the original danger but in her words ~ "I just want to make sure it works."

Uh, yeah.  And I'd keep my cell phone by my bed, too.

In Roses' spirit, here's to
1/ shelters with doors that don't get stuck
2/ caring co-workers
3/ the little things you appreciate after the storm has passed.


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