Aren't you grateful you're not ... Rod Blagojevich?

A woman after my own heart.

She saw Rod being led away and she started a blog The Blago Gratitude Blog: Grateful Not To Be Blagojevich reminding herself of all the things she can do that Rod can't, such as:

Sleeping in. Extra blanket. More than one pillow.
Choosing where to have lunch.
Picking dessert.  There are no dessert carts in prison.

The price tag on Obama's senate seat might have bought a lot of mini cheesecakes but ... well, you know how that turned out.

Looking forward to reading more.

In the meantime, I'm going to relish
1/ going to the gym
2/ taking a hot shower
3/ and picking out an outfit - not something I've worn everyday for the past x number of days.

Ah, freedom.

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Rod's life now: Different day, Same outfit


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  • I would imagine there are things you can do that Rod can't even if he were not in prison.

  • If you are Rod, you still can go to the gym and take a hot shower, and you have the benefit that the Bureau of Prisons picks out your outfit, so you don't have to obsess over that. I suppose that the BoP provides a change of jumpsuits.

    The real thing Blago should be ungrateful about is that no one suggested that he get mental health treatment a long time ago--that is, unless he knew all along that he was the rest of us. The tapes sort of indicate the latter, so he deserves to have his options limited for at least the next 134 months.

  • And we are able to kiss our children good morning, every morning. His children are the ones who I am most sad for - as now they don't have the ability to play with their Dad, have Dad help with homework (not so sure Blago was smart enough to do that anyway) and just have Daddy around. Good post. Great food for thought.

  • In reply to Teppi Jacobsen:

    Exactly! Thank you, Teppi!

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