What if you were told you won the lottery and then ...

You were told it was a mistake.

That's exactly what happened to about 300 Danish ticket-holders last week.

First, each received an email that said he/she won the equivalent of $50billion USD.  Yes, $50billion.  That should have failed the first sniff test.

But, as one mistaken winner said "I got butterflies in my stomach and started to think of all the things I could spend the money on. Travel with the family, buy a new house, a new car – I got very excited."

Then, an hour later, they learned it was more like the equivalent of about $35 USD.  Yes, $35.00.  That's when they all decided to go to Sizzler.  Presumably.

But, at least there were no reports of anyone hastily quitting their job.

I imagine that succession of emails would look something like this:

From: Danish Lotto Idiots
To: Winner
You are a billionaire!  Congratulations!  To collect your winnings, please report in person to our office with valid identification.  You may also want to consult an attorney and financial planner and also start distancing yourself from certain grubby family members.

From: Winner
To: Boss
I quit.  You're a prick.  I may have acted as if I actually liked you for the past 5 years but that was only because I had no choice. It was psychological, like a work-related form of Stockholm Syndrome. I was just trying to survive. The truth is I don't think you're smart or funny or even remotely interesting. You're a prick and a loser. Peace!

From: Danish Lotto Idiots
To: Loser (fka Winner)
Oops!  Actually, you won $35.  Not $50billion.  Human error!  Everyone makes mistakes!  Hope this hasn't caused any inconvenience.

From: Loser (fka Winner)
To: Loser (fka Winner) to make it look like it's being sent to entire address book when it's really only being bcc'ed to boss
Bcc: Boss
Hi Everyone!  Sorry for the mass email.  Apparently, I have a virus on my computer.  Ugh.  Sorry if any of you have gotten some strange emails.  Not sure how this happened.  Damn hackers.  Changing my password now.

Could you imagine?  In the spirit of Roses, today I am grateful that I've never been lotto punked.
Talk about Candy. Baby. Mouth.  Just cruel!

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  • I remember about ten years ago in the States somewhere, a couple tried to sue because they were told they won and then they learned that the announcer (I think) got the numbers wrong. They were suing for disappointment or some such wimpy reason and yes, the case was thrown out.
    Bit of a shame really because if they'd won I was going to go straight round to my gym and sue for the same reason. Why didn't I look like Cindy Crawford after all that time sweating in there? Disappointed!

  • In reply to Expat in Chicago:

    That's so funny! I think I heard about that.
    Yeah, I don't think I'd sue (what would the damages be? I'd like to be reimbursed for the vase I broke when I learned the truth)?!
    But, I do think I'd be pissed. I'd probably even cry LOL

    Thanks for commenting!

  • You mean the lottery was real? (From the link it was.)

    Since you started this with a purported e-mail, the only ones I get are that the "President of the World Bank/Ban Ki Moon, U.N. Secretary General/Barclays says that my lucky numbers with confirmation number .... have just come up in the multinational lottery, and if I send my identifying information to somewhere with a .ua address, they will be glad to wire the funds."

    Also, it is easier to comment in retrospect, but if you are in Chicago and unless you bought the $1 million Megaplier ticket at Foster and Ravenswood (or one of the 5 $250,000 tickets), you didn't win squat last night. Or in fact, the most you won was squat.

    The Tribune article mentioned that you could get a sure thing if you bought $176 million in tickets, but then mentioned that unless the purchaser was the CTA, taxes would come off of that. In addition, since there were 3 winners, the lump sum payout wouldn't cover the $176 million.

  • Hilarious. "Human error!"

  • Thx for commenting, Jenna!
    And omg your blog today!! Gives gloss and sauce a whole new meaning.

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