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Is it allergies or is it ...

the eyes!! *cue thunder, lightning, old Italian lady hunched over with big knuckles and thinning hair (but a heart of gold) ‘Tis the season … of allergies.  Ugh! And, I’m reminded of this entry from the Archives. ~~~ FINALLY, my headache is gone.  I had the worst headache for two straight days. And, I wondered... Read more »

What if you were told you won the lottery and then ...

You were told it was a mistake. That’s exactly what happened to about 300 Danish ticket-holders last week. First, each received an email that said he/she won the equivalent of $50billion USD.  Yes, $50billion.  That should have failed the first sniff test. But, as one mistaken winner said “I got butterflies in my stomach and started to... Read more »

Do you believe in GodWinks?

Believe it or not, there are a lot of Fernicola’s in the world. And growing up in North Jersey, my brother and parents and I were always asked “Are you related to Dr. Fernicola?” “Are you related to this Fernicola?” “That Fernicola?” “The Fernicola’s who own the home & garden store?” No. Nope. Uh-Uh. Not... Read more »

Women on Women Bullying in the Workplace: I was a victim

Recently, a fellow blogger (the fabulous Beth Rago of Parenting Without a Parachute) posted a link on FB to an article by Barbara Greenberg in the Huffington Post about women on women bullying.  Greenberg describes being treated very coldly by another female co-worker, who would do such things as say hi to everyone but Greenberg and... Read more »

I said "Love You" to the Cashier at Panera

I meant ‘THANK YOU!’ She handed me my receipt and credit card and told me I could pick up my order when my name was called and I said ‘Ok, love you.” Followed by “I mean ‘THANK YOU.” Then, I dropped my credit card, scrambled away and found my friend B. B: You said what?! Me: I guess... Read more »

Famous Jennifers

Jennifer Aniston
Today is Learn What Your Name Means Day. Apparently, Jennifer means ‘fair.’ Pffft. And so I am reminded of this entry from the Archives ~~ I never liked being a Jennifer.  It always felt so – what’s the word? – normal.  I’m a lot of things but normal is definitely not one of them.  I... Read more »

One thing you probably shouldn't say while in a taxi

I hate Indian food. I mean I REALLY HATE it, I continued. I’ve tried to be a good sport and go to a restaurant with people who loooove it and I actually GAGGED the minute I walked in. I couldn’t take it. I didn’t eat anything. My friend: What about the naan? That’s good. Me:... Read more »