Is it allergies or is it ...

the eyes!! *cue thunder, lightning, old Italian lady hunched over with big knuckles and thinning hair (but a heart of gold)

'Tis the season ... of allergies.  Ugh!

And, I'm reminded of this entry from the Archives.


FINALLY, my headache is gone.  I had the worst headache for two straight days.

And, I wondered ...
Could it be allergies?
Could it be that I need to see the chiropractor?
Could it be lack of sleep?
Or could it be ... 'the eyes?'

My Grandma LaSala would say it was probably 'the eyes,' which was caused by someone 'overlooking you.'

Me: Overlooking you? What does that mean?
Grandma: You know, if let's say you got a beautiful new coat and someone compliments you but they don't say "Wear it in good health."
Me (to myself): Who the hell says "Wear it in good health?" Only old people.
Grandma: Or, if let's say you got a good grade and one of your friends says good for you but they don't say "God bless."
Me (to myself): What person my age says "God bless?!!"

But, I know now that she was talking about negative energy, though she would never use those particular words.  Not in her vernacular.

Anyway, if my grandmother suspected that you had 'the eyes,' then she would DO 'the eyes,' which I understand is just saying certain prayers to herself on your behalf.  And, if she yawned (yes, yawned!) and your headache went away, well then obviously you had 'em (the eyes, that is).

So, yesterday, my headache finally went away ... after countless Advil and allergy medication and two days of my own mother yawning.  (Hey, whatever works.)

Today, I am grateful ~
1/ that my grandmother learned the eyes from my great-aunt Lu
2/ and she taught them to my mother (Oh, and you can only teach them at midnight on Christmas Eve. Stop laughing.)
3/ and for Zyrtec.

Excuse me now as I whip up something for that person who was 'overlooking' me.  Where am I ever going to find the eye of a newt ...


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