I said "Love You" to the Cashier at Panera

I meant 'THANK YOU!'

She handed me my receipt and credit card and told me I could pick up my order when my name was called
and I said 'Ok, love you."

Followed by "I mean 'THANK YOU." Then, I dropped my credit card, scrambled away and found my friend B.

B: You said what?!

Me: I guess I'm so used to saying it to H and my mother. I don't know. I slipped.

And so today, I am grateful for the fact that, yes, there are worse things to slip. Worse words. Body parts. Etc. The list of possible inadvertent slips is very long and this really isn't so bad. ...though still mortifying.

But it also makes me wonder if I'm saying those words too often and now they're just flying out of my mouth slapping cashiers and who knows who'll be hit next.

And what if we're all only allowed a certain number of Love You's in our lives? And then the value of each one goes down as you use them up? Should I save mine for only special occasions?  (Not that the chicken noodle soup at Panera isn't special).

Nah. I don't think so.  When it comes to H and my mother and certain other people in my life, those words will never lose their meaning no matter how many times I say them.  In fact, those words are the best way to end a conversation ... but not a food order.

So, tell me - what has been your worst slip?  

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