Valentine's Day: Love Gone Loco

Ahh, love.  'Tis the season!
But ... love, or the loss thereof, can make a person do crazy things ...

Man trashes apartment, thought it was his ex-girlfriend's place

She actually lives next door.  So, he went through the wrong person's drawers, took the wrong person's medication and tried to take the wrong person's flat screen TV.  But, he passed out on the living room floor first.  Oops!

Woman beats ex-boyfriend with deer antlers

He forced the front door open and she attacked him with the the deer head usually mounted on the wall. She began striking him in the face and body with the ends of the antlers until she lost her grip dropping it on the floor.

Fight breaks out at pre-school Nativity play, ex-husband loses tip of finger

The fight broke out while parents waited in a room at the school for the nativity to start. The incident was not witnessed by any of the children. Thank the Lord!

Betrayed women seek revenge by gluing man's penis to his stomach

Then took off with his wallet, cell phone and car.  Double ouch!

Man wants ex-girlfriend's breast implants ... literally

His reasoning: He paid for them!

Bride runs over groom's foot and bites his hand

And is ordered by judge to stay away from her fiance two weeks before their wedding.  Doesn't sound too promising.

In the spirit of all things Roses, here's to never having
1/ deer antlers
2/ breast implants
3/ or crazy glue
used against us!  Happy Love Season for all!!

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