Crack is wack and other things Whitney Houston taught me

1. Lawn seats will do just fine.
It was my first concert. Whitney only had one album at that point.  And, it was at the Garden State Arts Center - that's what it was called back then, the days before banks and airlines bought naming rights. My mom and aunt had waited in line for tickets - physically, waited -  the days before Ticketmaster online.  And this neurotic adult was a neurotic child - I was so nervous that in the sea of people on the lawn, I would get separated from my mother and aunt and cousin (I was such a dork. Still am). It was fine. In fact, it was fabulous. We loved Whitney. (And not just because she was from New Jersey and went to high school with my older cousin's wife. Mount Saint Dominick's! woot woot!)

2. When you do a Diet Coke commercial, you're big time.
I don't think it was long after that concert I saw Whitney in a Diet Coke commercial and my mother said we won't be seeing her at the Garden State Arts Center anymore. Huh? She was too big for that place now. Oh.

3. Don't marry a bad boy.

4. Don't do a reality television show.

5. Crack isn't the only thing that's wack.
Nancy Reagan didn't appear on Diff'rent Strokes for nothing. (Love the 80's!) Just Say No!

Here's to the 80's and the Golden Age of Whitney. Hope you are at peace now, fellow Jersey girl ...

Today, I am grateful for the music that I played on my record player (record player!) and the memories and, as in everything, a lesson.

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    This is a good online memorial site to Whitney Houston - you can light a virtual candle or send virtual flowers for free -

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