Birth Control Pill Recall Could Result in Unwanted Pregnancies

Might be the most terrifying headline ... ever.

In the spirit of Roses, today, I am grateful ~
1/ that my pill is not manufactured by Pfizer
2/ and that I didn't split my head open
3/ or bust a knee while running like a bat out of hell from my couch to the bathroom to check on 1/.


Makes you wonder though ... how the hell does stuff like this happen?
People is the short answer.  We're all human.  We all make mistakes.
But when I hear "XYZ Corporation decided" or "So and So Country ruled," I think PEOPLE at XYZ Corporation decided and PEOPLE of the government of So and So Country ruled. PEOPLE, not machines, are behind most things.  They make decisions ... and they make mistakes.

When an accountant forgets a zero or a lawyer misses a deadline, there are consequences.  Mistakes happen. It's part of life.  But, note to the PEOPLE at Pfizer (and all other drug manufacturers), if your human error could possibly result in the creation of another human, could you maybe be a little more careful, please? Thanks!  I'm doing my part by taking it everyday, you do yours.

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