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Oscar Speeches: 8 Notable Lines from Oscar Acceptance Speeches

Oscar Speeches: 8 Notable Lines from Oscar Acceptance Speeches
Today, I am reminded of this entry from the Archives. And, since this is Stop and Blog the Roses, today I am grateful for celebrities ~ they say the darndest things. And make us look normal. ~~~~~~~ Thank you for reading Stop and Blog the Roses.  Follow me on Twitter @fernronay and on Facebook here.... Read more »

One reason to stop texting, emailing, tweeting and Facebooking ...

My eyes are glued to my phone. My fingers are pecking away. I’m using my peripheral vision to walk around that person and that person.  Excuse me! I have somewhere to be! I have messages to send! All the while, Grammy-award winning violinist Joshua Bell could be making beautiful music in the train station …... Read more »

Secrets of the Ya Ya Belleville-hood: Does the universe have ears?

I can’t tell you what we all wished for. Then it won’t come true! But, I can tell you they were all very different and all very important to each of us. I can’t tell you about the little ritual. But, I can tell you no animals were sacrificed. I won’t tell you their names... Read more »

Sex & The Single Girl: Three kinds of depression on Valentine's Day

1. Love unrequited – Why does he not see that we should be together? 2. Love nowhere in sight – Where the hell is HE already? 3. Love unrequited in the other direction – Ugh! This guy cannot take a hint! If you find yourself experiencing 1 + 2 or 1+ 3 or 2+3 or... Read more »

Crack is wack and other things Whitney Houston taught me

1. Lawn seats will do just fine. It was my first concert. Whitney only had one album at that point.  And, it was at the Garden State Arts Center – that’s what it was called back then, the days before banks and airlines bought naming rights. My mom and aunt had waited in line for... Read more »

Valentine's Day: Love Gone Loco

Ahh, love.  ‘Tis the season! But … love, or the loss thereof, can make a person do crazy things … Man trashes apartment, thought it was his ex-girlfriend’s place She actually lives next door.  So, he went through the wrong person’s drawers, took the wrong person’s medication and tried to take the wrong person’s flat... Read more »

Birth Control Pill Recall Could Result in Unwanted Pregnancies

Might be the most terrifying headline … ever. In the spirit of Roses, today, I am grateful ~ 1/ that my pill is not manufactured by Pfizer 2/ and that I didn’t split my head open 3/ or bust a knee while running like a bat out of hell from my couch to the bathroom... Read more »