Would you steal the Baby Jesus?

He looked so shiny and ripe for the taking. 

And big.  Only in Belleville, New Jersey could a manger that big sit on the high school lawn with nary an objection.  

There was also a big Mary and a big Joseph.  Some animals too.  And they all seemed to glow as a warm light was shining down - not just the one from heaven but, literally, from a huge spotlight shining down on the scene.

So, there we were - my high school friends and I admiring the sacred setting as our designated driver M (honor roll, Volleyball team) drove the rest of our drunk asses home.  Those asses would include G (Student Body President), A (Challenge team) and me (Key Club President. Look out!).  And that's when I had a thought:

Not one of us in this car ever did anything bad in high school.  WTF!?  We're all so cute.  We should have had more fun.  ...  Let's steal the baby Jesus!

Without missing a beat, M made a left turn into the school driveway while G and A cheered.  Let's DO IT.  Let's do it.  Let's do it. 

We got closer.  We surveyed the scene.  I wondered how heavy he (Jesus) might be.  And then we ....

did nothing. 

What if there are security cameras?

Today, I am grateful ~
1/ for my inner dork, who's always kept me out of trouble
2/ and for my wonderful friends with the same sentiments and inner being
3/ and especially M, the designated driver, who kept us all out of real trouble. (My turn to drive next time, M.  And, a Purple Jesus on me! ...  It's a drink.)

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  • The art of liberating baby Jesus lies in 1) where he'll make his next appearance 2) not getting caught.

  • In reply to Andy Frye:

    Lol! Noted

  • WOW, all that and you didn't take the Baby Jesus. It's not like they would to a facial recognition on previous students. I'm just saying :-)

    Next time take it and put it in a different location like the football field :-)

  • In reply to Brandi Wall:

    Aaaah! You never know! I don't want the FBI showing up at my front door. ;)

  • I have a Nicaraguan friend named Jesus and his dad tried to take him from his mother-in-law's house when he was a baby after his parents got a messy divorce. THAT's how you steal a baby Jesus.

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