Stupid Things Ex-Boyfriends Say ...

... while they're still boyfriends, which explains, in part, why they became exes.

You see, I keep seeing things on Facebook like "Things Women Say" and "Things Teenagers Say." And then I saw a news article about something in Venezuela ... and this blog entry was born.

Note: These are not all from the mouth of one ex. I've had the pleasure of dating more than one ... winner.

1. What's that scar on your forehead from?
That's a fine question as you're getting to know each other. But, on the first date? I should have known then.

2. I hate everything you wear.
[Gasp] Luckily, my clothes don't have ears.

3. You breathe like a baby.
Lesson: Someone who doesn't even like the way I breathe probably doesn't like me. At all.

4. Slow and steady wins the race.
This was on the topic of marriage. It eventually became clear that the prize at the end of the race wasn't worth it, so I ran in the other direction. Fast.

5. I'm an unemotional person.
Lesson: Being unemotional in business is good.  Being unemotional in a relationship is bad.

6. I heard they like big butts in Venezuela.  You'd be a goddess there.
At the time, I had no words for that.  Today, I'd say THANK YOU.

And, because this is Roses, today, I am grateful ~
1/ as I've said in this blog before - for "all the frogs and all the lessons"
2/ and for a smart husband, who doesn't mind this annoying habit I have of breathing
3/ and who likes my ... Big Butt and I cannot lie ...

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