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Dance Moms reminds me of my own unusual dance teacher

In case you’ve never had the pleasure of seeing the greatest worst show on television – Dance Moms – let me sum it up.  Dance teacher Abby Lee Miller screams like an animal at the quite talented bunch of little dancers, calling them ‘trash’ and ‘not that swift,’ among other insults. And, the quite talented little bunch... Read more »

Happy National Chocolate Cake Day!

1/ chocolate cake 2/ extra frosting 3/ cold milk Let’s face it, a nice creamy chocolate cake does a lot for a lot of people; it does for me. ~ Audrey Hepburn  

Review of Memoirs of a Mom on the Edge: Martinis & Menopause by Elizabeth Loan

When I was asked to review this book, I had the following questions: 1. I’m not a mom, so will I find this interesting? 2. I’m not going through menopause, I only act that way, so will I find this interesting? 3. Elizabeth Loan knows about menopause?! What?? She looks my age. Very interesting. Answers/Commentary 1.... Read more »

Stupid Things Ex-Boyfriends Say ...

… while they’re still boyfriends, which explains, in part, why they became exes. You see, I keep seeing things on Facebook like “Things Women Say” and “Things Teenagers Say.” And then I saw a news article about something in Venezuela … and this blog entry was born. Note: These are not all from the mouth... Read more »

10 Reasons Not to Hate Winter

Aaaaaand it’s winter again.  54 degree days in Chicago in January have gone bye bye and the snow finally makes it feel like the season it is. I’m a summer loving lady myself but here are 10 reasons not to completely hate winter. 1/ Hot cocoa with marshmallows? Keep your lemonade, summer. With shaved chocolate?... Read more »

Like Tim Tebow: Do you pray at work?

Someone once told me they never pray – ever – and I was shocked.  I couldn’t help but think how lonely and scary the world must be for someone who never talks to G0d. I pray all day. I pray when I get up in the morning – nothing formal but if something is on... Read more »

Would you steal the Baby Jesus?

He looked so shiny and ripe for the taking.  And big.  Only in Belleville, New Jersey could a manger that big sit on the high school lawn with nary an objection.   There was also a big Mary and a big Joseph.  Some animals too.  And they all seemed to glow as a warm light was shining down – not just... Read more »