10 Reasons Not to Hate Winter

Aaaaaand it's winter again.  54 degree days in Chicago in January have gone bye bye and the snow finally makes it feel like the season it is.

I'm a summer loving lady myself but here are 10 reasons not to completely hate winter.

1/ Hot cocoa with marshmallows? Keep your lemonade, summer. With shaved chocolate? Even better.
Hot Cocoa

2/ Chili on a cold day ... mmmm.

3/ While we're at it, just commit full on carbocide! Still well over four more months 'til bikini season.

4/ Awards season ... chili, pasta and hot cocoa while watching the Golden Globes/Oscars/SAG Awards. Who needs sun?
Award Season

5/ The Super Bowl ... chili, pasta and hot cocoa while watching the Super Bowl. Even if you don't like football, it's still an annual winter celebration in this country ... and there's always the commercials.

6/ Skiing ... Can't do it any other time of year. Supposedly, snow is required.

7/ Sledding ... also requires snow.

8/ Snowball fights ... also requires the white stuff
Snowball fight

9/ A fire!! Even if it's a fake fireplace or tuning into the fireplace channel, there's nothing like snuggling up on the couch in front of the fire ... CO-ZY!

10/ Only 67 days until spring.

Today, I am grateful for ~
1/ When I'm watching the Golden Globes, wrapped in a blanket
2/ in front of our fake fireplace, judging all the stars' dresses, hair, makeup
3/ while stuffing my face with pasta, chili, hot cocoa.  Ah, winter ...


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  • I LOVE WINTER! Been sad not seeing snow but also glad not seeing ice! Remember Skiing and Sledding can end with hot cocoa :-) And now after reading this I think I might make some chili!!!

  • In reply to Brandi Wall:

    Good points. Thanks, Brandi :)
    oooh, you'll have to post the recipe ;)

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