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Italian Girl Problems

23 reasons to be grateful on Christmas at the Fernicola house ~ 1/ provolone 2/ salami 3/ prosciutto  4/ pepperoni 5/ artichoke hearts 6/ black olives 7/ green olives 8/ lighter green olives 9/ those wrinkled looking black olives 10/ fresh Italian bread 11/ garlic bread 12/ roasted red peppers 13/ stuffed mushrooms 14/ wet mozzarella 15/... Read more »

It's Wear Star Wars, Share Star Wars Day!

I’m wearing my hair in a bun today.  Not like Princess Leia.  Like Anne Shirley - from Anne of Green Gables.  Even though today is Wear Star Wars, Share Star Wars Day, it’s all about Geek Pride!!  And if my love of all things Anne and my desire to visit to Prince Edward Island makes me a geek, so be it.... Read more »

Today is National Pastry Day! My cannoli memories ...

Growing up in New Jersey, the best cannoli were from Ferrara’s in Newark.  I never ate the shell, only the cream. I still only spoon out the cream if I’m eating a cannoli in the privacy of my own home. If I’m around other people, I eat the shell so I don’t look stupid. I’m... Read more »

Living with and Loving a Banana Peel

The Banana Peel being me, of course. Today, I am grateful that when I 1/ forget to turn off my alarm 2/ come running in to hit snooze, 3/ then spill water and have to turn the light on, H is not fazed. I have to remember this the next time my precious sleep is... Read more »