The Duggars: 20th Kid on the Way! What do you think?

Thumbs down.

Don't get me wrong ~ I hope baby #20 is happy, healthy and beautiful like all of their kids - as my grandmother would say, G0d bless 'em - but ...

1. Aren't there enough people in the world? If Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar's 20 kids each have 20 kids, that's 400 grandchildren.  And if those grandchildren each have 20 kids, that's 8,000 more people on the planet earth ... all from these two.

2. If the Duggars really want a home filled with lots of kids, maybe they should consider adopting one (or 20) of the thousands of children in foster care in this country.  Now, I think that's what Jesus would do.

3. Be thankful for the 19 children you already have.  Jim Bob said this morning on the Today Show that they wanted an even number.  I know he was joking - sort of - but 1/ it's not funny and 2/ Michelle and Josie (#19) are lucky they're alive.  I repeat: Be thankful for the 19 children you already have!

Because this is Stop and Blog the Roses, I must end on what I'm grateful for today. Let's see. Hmm. Today, I am grateful that ~
1/ my mind
2/ body
3/ and wallet
are not strapped by 20 kids.

But, also, because I am a lawyer and a Libra (the scales!), it is my nature to see both sides.  So, I will just end by saying thank G0d we live in a country where we are free, including free to make our own reproductive, religious, personal decisions. Whatever makes you happy.  And, when the cameras aren't rolling, I do hope they are really as happy as they portray themselves to be.

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The Duggars - when they were a small family of just 17 kids.


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  • I wonder how easy it would be for this family to support these twenty children if the American public suddenly became disinterested with their cult-induced, Pleasantville circus and their show went off the air...

    I have zero respect for a woman who, after just jeopardizing her own life, continues to submit to the will of her husband and his unorthodox religious beliefs. No, Michelle, you're not a sacred religious vessel. You're just an ignorant woman who is subservient to a delusional man.

    I choose not to watch this show because I don't believe in the message this couple is sending to 21st century women and their own children. No child should be forced to raise a younger sibling because the mother is physically incapable. I thought keeping someone against their will to perform physical labor was outlawed. Child labor was, as well.

    Yes, they're free to have as many children as they desire despite subjecting those kids to a cruel and unusual childhood. Ironic that they would be the first to deny other women the right to choose against a similar form of child abuse...

  • In reply to Brent Cohrs:

    Thank you, Brent, for your comment. And, well said!

  • Although the Duggar family is unusual, it is unusual in a positive way! It is great to see a family like this! Many of us really enjoy hearing about them. I believe Mr. Duggar has a very successful business which supports his children and has nothing to do with publicity. Lose the hate Brett!

  • In reply to jenna girl:

    It's not hate, just some deep-rooted skepticism. I don't think they could afford that big house, giant tour bus, and all the other fancy accoutrements with just a used car lot and a storage unit. They need the big bucks from TLC to survive.

    Having raised two kids (one still in college), I can't fathom the expense of ten times as many. At $70k each for college (minimum), that's a million and a half right there. That's a lot of used cars! If they can afford it, hey, that's their right as Americans.

    I will vehemently disagree about "unusual in a positive way". Just because these children appear well-behaved on TV, doesn't mean they're well-developed. No kid should be subjected to raising another kid because Mom can't physically handle it. That's not childhood, that's servitude.

    Like any kid, these kids didn't get to choose their parents and they're trapped in this bizarro world until they're old enough to leave. It will be interesting to see if any of them become free-thinking individuals or continue on as automatons for their father's cult.

    I feel that watching them is akin to enabling child abuse. At least Michelle is exercising a woman's right to choose - as long as the choice is any old crazy thing her husband concocts in the name of unprotected sex...

  • In reply to jenna girl:

    I'm not too sure that the unusual family situation is healthy--they are part of the ATI/IBLP cult that's headed up by Bill Gothard (headquartered in a Chicago suburb.) I feel very afraid for the childrens' welfare, since they are growing up neck-deep in that cult.

    If you're curious, I just recently posted about why I feel that the children are being harmed.

  • Sorry, Brent*.

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