How Nordstrom Saved Thanksgiving

Once upon a time (a couple of days ago)

my friend posted a picture on her Facebook wall of a sign apparently outside of Nordstrom last year that said something to the effect of

"We're not going to deck our halls until it's actually Christmas time. Happy Thanksgiving!" (not their exact words)

and everyone at Stop and Blog the Roses (all of me)

pumped her fist in the air (oh, shut up, I'm from New Jersey. I can't help myself)

and shouted YES YES YES!

Believe me, I love Christmas. I love Rudolph and poinsettias and eggnog lattes.  But, what's the rush? Please, can't we just stop and smell the pumpkin spice?

So, this morning, on my way to get my eyebrows threaded (the greatest invention since threading popcorn on a string to use as garland. We used to do that every year. See? I love Christmas!), I stopped by Nordstrom to get a picture of this year's sign.

But, it was nowhere to be found.  Gasp! Had Nordstrom succumbed to the pressure? Is Thanksgiving really dead? Is that a red Christmas ball I see?! Nooo! (It was a handbag.)

So, I almost gave up when I found myself in the Trend department where a friendly, fabulously dressed young lady asked if I needed help and I asked about the sign (prefaced, of course, with "This is a completely weird question but ...").  She didn't recall seeing it so she made a phone call (no, not in her job description, proving once again how very nice people in Chicago really are).  Apparently, the sign will be going up in a few days (Long Live Thanksgiving!!) and someone named John will bring one up if I want to see it.

And, so boys and girls, Thanksgiving ~ with it's lack of gifts, warm jewel toned decorations and simple meaning (which is to give thanks, not just eat a lot, though I like that part too) ~ should not and will not be forgotten!  Hey, Virginia, there is a Thanksgiving!

And, since this is Stop and Blog the Roses, today I am grateful ~
1/ to my friend Jen H for alerting me to the sign to begin with
2/ to Lauren (the fabulously dressed young lady) and John (who was also friendly and nicely dressed as well, I might add) for answering my weird question and not making me feel like a weirdo
3/ to Nordstrom, for not rushing things.

One! Holiday! At! A! Time!

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  • Great minds think alike! So glad you told me about this. I liked Nordstrom's before, LOVED them after they donated $2,500 to my charity, and now adore them for keeping it sane.

    All my love! MTM.

  • In reply to Mary Tyler Mom:

    They did?! And now I love them even more!!
    Thx for commenting, MTM!!

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