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A Roses Q&A with @DeafMom Karen Putz

I very rarely miss my stop on the CTA. A nanosecond too long on the Red Line feels like an hour I’ll never get back. Karen Putz made me miss my stop once.  Not intentionally, of course.  But, I was reading her blog entry Going Deaf Was a Blessing and the next thing I knew,... Read more »

Today is National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day!

Also, the world is supposed to end today. I know!  Can you think of a better day to go out? Dear G0d, when I meet you, I’m going to say thank you for ~ 1/ all things pumpkin 2/ cheese and 3/ cake. You’re the best! Now, if the world doesn’t end before 8PM, where... Read more »

I was just groped by a TSA Officer

Welcome to Newark Airport!  Two drink minimum.  No cover charge. The place is full of comedians … well, mainly my husband.  It happened like this ~ I’m walking through security and I’m deliriously tired (and a little hungover after attending a fabulous wedding the night before where I thoroughly enjoyed myself) and I’m asked to... Read more »

Today is Be Bald And Free Day!

Which reminds me of this entry from the Archives ~ ~~~~~~~ A new cure for baldness? No thanks! I like ‘em bald. Always have. Even married one. I think my love for cue ball cuties probably started with Bruce Willis, who I’ve always had a crush on ever since he was David Addison and I was allowed... Read more »

8 things for Rosie O'Donnell to know about Chicago, from one New Yorker to another

My dear R.O., Welcome to Chicago! You may be wondering how you got here.  Well, only you and the Big O know.  But, you may also be wondering/worrying how different it’s going to be from NY.  I know you’re originally from Long Island (Jersey girl here!) and lived in Manhattan (former East sider here, right... Read more »