Today is Be Bald And Free Day!

Which reminds me of this entry from the Archives ~


A new cure for baldness?

No thanks!

I like 'em bald. Always have. Even married one.

I think my love for cue ball cuties probably started with Bruce Willis, who I've always had a crush on ever since he was David Addison and I was allowed to stay up late to watch Moonlighting. When he shaved his head and I was still smitten, I realized something ~ Men who shave their heads are saying something aside from I'm losing my hair.  They're saying ~

I'm in control.
I'm strong.
I'm confident.
But, mostly, I'm really handsome - who needs hair?

So, dear scientists at UCLA, go ahead and help the ugly men out there who need that stringy stuff on top of their heads to avert the eye.  But, really, there's no need to help out the shaved head hotties of the world. They're alright. They're bald and they're beautiful.

Two baldies I love ~ my husband and Emmitt Smith


Today, I am grateful ~

1/ for H's attractive cranium
2/ that every time I ask him what he wants from the store and he says shampoo, it still makes me laugh
3/ for razors.

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