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Waiting for bar exam results? Do this!

1. You MUST get sleep.  Easier said than done, I know, but at least try to get a good night's sleep. Do whatever you have to do to ensure that you're not wide awake at 3AM imagining the horror of failing when all of the other first years in your office pass. That's just sadist. Get those thoughts out of your head and have sweet dreams. Drink some warm milk. Count sheep (Do NOT contemplate a contract, a tort or a crime involving said sheep or even consider how the sheep are property of the sheep herder! Just count!). And, don't take sleeping pills. The only thing worse than being a lawyer is being a lawyer addicted to sleeping pills.
Bar exam results are forthcoming.  And, I’m reminded of this entry from the Archives. *Cue holiday music.  It’s the most horrible time of the yearrrrr!! ~~~ If you took the Illinois (or any state) bar exam in July, your results may be forthcoming very soon.  Of course, as any test taker knows, the results can’t... Read more »

Love, Loss and What I Wore - Now in Chicago at the Broadway Playhouse

  I saw it last night – opening night – and I don’t remember a thing. As I was exiting my 4th row seat – after 1 hour 45 minutes, no intermission – WHACK!  Note to the lawyers for the company that manages the property at Broadway Playhouse: You might want to do something about... Read more »

Congrats to all the CBS Chicago Most Valuable Blogger Award winners! But, have you met the losers?

The five stages of losing. 1. Disbelief. I saw Dan (aka Cubicle Dad) posted on Facebook that no CN blogs won. What? The results are up? Cubicle Dad must be mistaken.  And Cubicle Dad himself didn’t win?! Everybody loves Dan! He was on a billboard on the highway for crying out loud! Hold on. Check... Read more »

I used to be in the World Trade Center all the time ...

Recently, I saw a documentary that included some of the only footage of *inside* the World Trade Center and I thought about how well I knew that lobby. I used to go there a lot. After college, I worked for the accounting firm Deloitte & Touche.  D&T was and still is located at ’2WFC’, which... Read more »