Congrats to all the CBS Chicago Most Valuable Blogger Award winners! But, have you met the losers?

The five stages of losing.

1. Disbelief.

I saw Dan (aka Cubicle Dad) posted on Facebook that no CN blogs won. What? The results are up? Cubicle Dad must be mistaken.  And Cubicle Dad himself didn't win?! Everybody loves Dan! He was on a billboard on the highway for crying out loud! Hold on. Check results. Roses? Roses? Roses? Hmmm. Not here.  Oh they must have been doing this on an iPhone and Stop and Blog the Roses was autocorrected to ChitownMoms. Must be.

2. Anger.

I will NEVER, I tell you NEVER, work for the Early Show no matter how much they beg me. Here I come Today Show. Ha! That'll show 'em.
Oh and I want a recount.
And an audit of the results!

3. Self-pity.

Text to husband: Sorry you are married to a loser.

4. Delusions of Martyrdom.

Email to friend: You know how Princess Diana was never the queen but she was the Queen of People's Hearts?  Yup. Same. exact. thing.  Where's John Travolta?  I need to be twirled.

5. Acceptance.

Who the F*CK is the Possessionista?! I will look her up right now. Oh.  She has NINETEEN THOUSAND followers on Twitter.  Oh and I really like what she's wearing.  And I like her blog.  And I'm now following her on Twitter.

Well, congratulations to all the winners!! Well done!
But, more importantly, I am proud to be a ChicagoNow blogger and honored to be in the company of some very attractive losers ~ Have you checked out some of these blogs today?

It’s Never Just Black and White (Six kids between them)
Life: As I See It (I love the phrase "Telling it like it is." She uses it. And does.)
The Former Chubette (Former dieter, new mom, marathoner)
Ups And Downs Of A Yoga Mom (Check out her 9/11 post)

Candid Candace (She has pictures from the Playboy Mansion!)
500 Words (Retired Chicago police officer)
Successful In Chicago (She used to work at Deloitte too!)
Your Doubting Thomas (He's a lawyer too!)

Cubicle dad runs (Dan has lost 113 lbs and ran the Chicago Marathon!)
Eclectic Eating Chicago (Got allergies?)

Chicago Food Snob (Yum)

CTA Tattler (Seen and heard on the CTA)
Get Employed! (Terri Lee Ryan is an author too!)
Illinois Outdoors (A Guy's Guide to Hunting and Fishing)
Stump The Tromp (Movies, Music, Chicago sports)
Taking A Second Look (Speech writer for the White House)
The Relationship Diva (A former NYCer too!)

Chicago Fire Confidential (For Soccer lovers)
Cubs Den (Baseball fans)
Da Bears Blog (Football fans)
Ex Posts Facto (Another lawyer! Sports and Entertainment)
Offhanded Dribble (Sports, politics, social commentary)
Pace Of Chicago (Endurance sports)
The #4thPhase Blog (Football & Twitter)

Today, I am grateful ~

1/ That I was even nominated (yes, seriously). I was totally shocked and flattered. So, thank you to Margie Sutherland who nominated me and whose blog you should also check out!! It's called Swim Tri Sail.  (Oh and I think she should definitely consider going to law school. Be sure to click on Exhibit 1)

2/ To CBS Chicago for having this contest. Once the flattery of being nominated wore off and the whole thing went straight to my head, it was actually kind of fun hawking for votes.

3/ To everyone who took the time to vote for Roses!


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  • Don't worry. As far as I'm concerned, the winner of the contest should have an asterick (*) since I only started blogging a month ago.

  • Gwill, I will then issue another amendment #2 which will incorporate you as the most valuable commenter on Chicago Now since that was your raison d'etre prior to becoming a blogger. I think it's very important to have most valuable commenter "MVC" contests too. Just a thought. :)

    Cubicle Dad is most certainly deserving of the MVB award - he has lost over 100 pounds and has come a long way. I can't wait to see that he PR'd in his second marathon.
    Congrats, again, CN Bloggers, to everyone who made the finals. This was a ton of fun.

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