Where is Jaycee's Law?

I know good facts make bad law
but I think this is a case of gross oversights and stupidity will make good law.

1. Violent sexual offenders should never be released.
I agree with Judge Judy.  These people are just wired wrong.  Something is not right in their heads and they are a danger to society.  I'm NOT talking about the 18 year old kid who has sex with his 17 year old girlfriend.  I'm talking about people like Phillip Garrido, who served only 11 years of a 50 year sentence for a 1976 kidnapping and rape of a woman.

2. Parole officers should be required to search EVERY PART of an offender's house.
They don't have a checklist? Basement check, attic check, backyard check.

3. Parole officers should be required to get identification from every person in the home.
Oh, young brown haired female, you're over 18? May I see your id? You don't have an id? Why is that? Because you're real name is Jaycee Dugard and you were kidnapped at 11? Jaycee Dugard told Diane Sawyer that a parole officer walked right past her in Garrido's home.

4. It should not be easy to get a taser because it's a little TOO EASY to tase someone and stuff them in a car.
How did a convicted felon or the wife of a convicted felon get one?

Thank G0d ~
1/ Garrido was crazy enough to bring his two daughters to UC Berkley where he was praising the word of G0d
2/ and that Ally Jacobs and Lisa Campbell were astute and intuitive enough to note something was not right, alerting authorities and leading to the long overdue rescue of Jaycee
3/ and that Jaycee Dugard has an extraordinary spirit and is, today, an articulate, insightful, beautiful woman. G0d Bless Jaycee!

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