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Move over Dr. Oz ...

The Juris Doctors are in! Today, I am grateful ~ 1/ that despite “the case of the haphazard hard drive plug and the evil adapter” (and 9 hours of lost editing footage, a letter to the President of Best Buy, a new hard drive and starting from square one) 2/ Ms. Esquire (the legal talk... Read more »

It's National White Wine Week (say me and the Windy City Wine Guy)

I like the career advice “Find your passion and then find a way to make money doing it.”  I didn’t always do that (that’s another story) but here is someone who it appears is ~ Michael Bottigliero, the Windy City Wine Guy.  I had the pleasure of interviewing Michael at an event at Fleming’s Steakhouse... Read more »

The Dalai Lama is coming! The Dalai Lama is coming! The Dalai Lama is coming to Chicago! MY OWN 6 DAYS WITH THE DL ...

July 2008, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania I was sitting next to a Buddhist nun with a Starbucks coffee and a day planner.  Her head was freshly shaven and she was in orange robes and sandals.  I suddenly felt self-conscious of my own Coach sandals and took my feet out to cover the label with my toes. Apparently,... Read more »

Where is Jaycee's Law?

I know good facts make bad law but I think this is a case of gross oversights and stupidity will make good law. 1. Violent sexual offenders should never be released. I agree with Judge Judy.  These people are just wired wrong.  Something is not right in their heads and they are a danger to... Read more »

The Story of Recycling Avenue

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When Gregory Campone graduated from high school, he set out to find a job, but like many job-seekers today, he didn’t have much luck.  For Campone, the search was made even more difficult because he requires the use of a wheelchair and, as his mother Silvia Campone explains, “There wasn’t a lot out there [job-wise]... Read more »