ChicagoNow is getting a facelift!

If you receive emails whenever there is a new entry on Stop and Blog the Roses, please note those email alerts will cease.

Remember when Samantha Jones got the fat sucked out of her ass and injected into her face? Well, after that, her ass could no longer send emails.

It's the same exact thing.  
Sort of.

Tomorrow, when ChicagoNow is all new and shiny and pretty and younger looking, remember we're all still the same on the inside. 

But, if you would like to receive email alerts when a new entry is
posted, please sign up all over again tomorrow.  Sorry!  It's the price
of beauty. 

And, please note Stop and Blog the Roses was on a hiatus after 365 days of blogging.  Just like Oprah took a hiatus after 25 years of shows.  It's the same exact thing.
But, I am continuing this blog and a new entry will be posted on Friday.  (Preview: Meet the team at Recycling Avenue.  They have a great story.  Find out how they got started and what they're grateful for!)

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