The case of the haphazard hard drive plug and the evil adapter

The timeline of events ~
1. Fall of 2010 - Fern meets Liz, another lawyer, and the idea for a legal talk show for CANTV called Ms. Esquire is born. Liz comes up with the title, Fern comes up with the segment called The Island of Misfit Lawyers
2. April 16, 2011 - Episode 1 of Ms. Esquire is taped
3. Through May 14, 2011 - Fern spends a total of 9 hours editing Episode 1 at CANTV.
4. On May 14, 2011 - Fern finishes 9th hour of editing at CANTV and packs up to go home
5. Once at home, Fern attempts to plug in her hard drive and sees that there are no prongs. Looks at user's manual. Realizes the power pack has two parts. Other part with the prongs must still be in editing room at CANTV. 
6. Calls CANTV.  Is told by a young lady that someone is in the editing room and will be there all night so she can't check. 
7. Fern knows how these things usually turn out and realizes it may never be found and reasons "I'll just go to Best Buy tomorrow where I bought the hard drive less than a year ago and ask for an exchange of the power pack."
8. On May 15, 2011 - Fern goes to Best Buy. Learns that they don't sell that hard drive anymore anywhere.  Ask series of questions along the lines of and "There is no other way I can get a power pack just like this?" and "Why are you trying to sell me another hard drive when I'm telling you I need the information on THIS hard drive and the problem is that I just need to PLUG IT IN."  Is told it will cost $99 to retrieve information on hard drive. 
9. Is told other option is to buy an "adapter."  Takes adapter home.  It's blinking!!!!  It's identifying my external hard drive!!!!  ... It says there's a problem ...
10. Call Seagate's 1-800 number.  They are only available Mon - Fri. 
11. Try CANTV again.  Gentleman states no one has been in that room.  (See 6)  Says he'll look.  Call back 10 minutes later.  "Sorry, I don't see it."
12. Call Radio Shack.  Told to get a "cover" for hard drive that will allow access to info and not cost $99.
13. Get in cab.  Go to CANTV before Radio Shack.  Find missing piece!!! (See 6 and 11). 
14. Go home.  Plug in.  Blinking!!!! YAY!!!! But then ... nada.  Bite fist.  Hard. 

Ms. Esquire is a show about the law.  It's not a Judge Judy type show but today I will put on a black robe and play judge and jury.  Liability shall be assigned per the below allocations:
40% - Fern Ronay for not realizing that the power pack has two parts and not realizing the two parts separated before leaving the editing room at CANTV.
35% - Best Buy for selling an adapter that F'D EVERYTHING UP.  (See 9)
25% - Seagate for making a power pack that has two parts and no practical way to remedy the situation if one piece is lost! (See 1 through 14!)

Today, I am grateful ~
1/ for self-control ~ I somehow refrained from smashing my laptop and the evil 'adapter' and my precious hard drive. Amazing, I know.
2/ for Seagate's 1 year warranty ~ looking forward to the new hard drive they will be sending me.  Haven't asked for it yet but it's on my to do list today.   
3/ for Best Buy's return policy ~ looking forward to returning the evil 'adapter' and getting my info retrieved from my hard drive FOR FREE.  Haven't asked for it yet but it's on my to do list today.  

Court adjourned.  Stay tuned ...


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  • That sucks chica. Hopefully you can get what was on that drive off :-(

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