The case of the haphazard hard drive plug and the evil adapter - Part 2

Update on the case of the haphazard hard drive plug and the evil adapter -

- Best Buy tested my hard drive and confirmed it was 'dead'
- They took back the evil adapter
- So, at least I didn't pay $17 for the adapter they sold me that BLEW my hard drive and 9 hours of hard work editing Ms. Esquire.

Verdict: Best Buy is GUILTY.

Today, I am grateful ~
1/ that I still have the tape of our show
2/ and one day when Best Buy gives me a $500 gift certifcate
3/ and/or Seagate sends me a new hard drive, I can transfer the tape to the hard drive at CANTV ... and start back at square one. Woohoo!

What has been your experience with Best Buy? Do you have a story of a technology mishap? Please tell me all about it in the comments below!


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  • I kicked a hard drive off my bed once because I was not paying attention at the time and was trying to get comfy while I was working on some photos from the day. I shoot all my stuff in RAW so I can play with the lighting, f-stops and all that fun jazz with the Canon software that came with the camera. I took the hard drive to Best Buy and it cost me $50 for them to tell me yes your hard drive is broken and we can try to fix it but you will most likely lose all the data. I am sorry but I am going to lose all my what? Not the kid of words to tell a aggravated woman who has just lost all of her work from a year and a half. So to this day that hard drive sits on a shelf waiting till i can find my knight in shining armor to save her data from being lost or destroyed. Best Buy is only good for one thing and that is buying products from, their Geek Squad sucks and costs way too much!!!

  • In reply to brandiw60:

    omg rips your heart out! i can't take it.
    you will find your knight with the proverbial pocket protector who will bring your pictures back to life! i know it! i'm a believer!

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