Thank you, Gold Coast Kitten Sittin'

Today is day 341 of Roses and I would be remiss if I went a whole year without thanking Marilyn and Jan, our cat sitting angels from Gold Coast Kitten Sittin'.

It's one thing to get a text from a friend or acquaintance that says "Fed."  It means 'Oh good, Magoo is not going to starve.'

It's another thing to get emails such as

All is very well in the house of Magoo! He was at the door urging me to
pet quickly and then get down to food business ... Everything
was refreshed and most of our time was spent playing and giving a treat
or two or three ... Litter box shows
healthy guy. He sure is a happy boy and we had a super visit.


We had a delightful morning together. I was greeted with an empty
treat bag near the front door! ... our cutie
had 2 cans of his food mushed up and his water refilled. Litter box was
healthy boy style ... Magoo and
I played a bit with his bananas and he got lots of pets too.

It means 'Our little meatball is in fine hands!'

So, thank you ~
1/ to Marilyn
2/ and Jan
3/ for being the best babysitters in the world!

Magoo says thank you too! (We call this his JC Penney Portrait Studio photo.)

magoo photo.jpg

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