Fellow Blogger of the Week

This week, it's not just one blogger but a gaggle of my fellow football loving gal bloggers at ChicksInTheHuddle - A place for chicks who love football and the guys who love chicks who love football.  Check it out, even if you're not a chick.

Say that first paragraph 10 times.

Say a prayer that there's not a NFL lockdown for the 2011 season.

Say to yourself "Who am I? When did I start caring about football?"

It's funny how that happens.

Today, I am grateful ~
1/ to the chick who started it all ~ Saints loving NolaChick
2/ and that she accepted me a couple of years ago as a writer for CITH as CowboysChick
3/ and for all the other chicks and their unique perspective. 

Check out the chick that checks in on your team at ChicksInTheHuddle. 
Wow, I can't help myself today.  Cheep! Cheep!

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