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Enough about Osama, it's #WeddingWednesday on Twitter!

And, today I think about how, like any red-blooded American bride, I wanted to be really emaciated on my wedding day.

Kidding! Kidding! Kidding!

But, I was on a pre-wedding diet - who isn't? - and it was then that I discovered Gina and her amazing Weight Watchers recipes at www.SkinnyTaste.com

You don't have to be on Weight Watchers to take part. She just happens to provide all that info and all of the other nutritional info for her recipes - some that are lower fat, lower calorie versions of traditional recipes and some creative, original recipes.  For all of them, she also provides mouthwatering photos. 

Thank you, Gina, for all of your recipes, especially three of my most favorite ~
1/ Turkey Burgers
2/ Chicken Cordon Bleu
3/ Low Fat Brownie Bites
Yum ...

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