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I was checking the weather report for Saturday, May 15th, approximately every 10 -15 minutes. It had been calling for rain in Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey on the day I was set to marry H in an outdoor ceremony and even though there was an indoor ceremony contingency plan, that's not how I had been envisioning it in my head.  And no one, not even Mother Nature, wants to mess with the head of a Bridezilla.  

Still, she continued to tease me.  So, I figured if she pulled no punches on that day, I would just have to kill her with kindness.  I sent this email to my wedding photographer:

Hi Aga!
I'm getting so excited!  But, I think it might rain on Sat :(  I'm trying to think
positive and want to make the best of it.  So if it does, I'd love to do
some shots in my cute black rain boots and a big umbrella. 

Today, I am grateful~
1/ for the art of making lemonade out of lemons
2/ but, even better, not having to!
3/ because it was 70 degrees and sunny.
Fern Ronay - 1, Mother Nature - 0

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  • Awww, lucky girl. I want an outdoor ceremony as well when and if I get married. Pitchers mound at a Cubs game :-) Cheesy I know, but think of the rooftop party afterwards :-) LOL

  • In reply to brandiw60:

    Not cheesy!!! I love it!!! Everyone should have the wedding that suits them. I am so inviting myself to yours :-) So fun!!

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