Baby bullies: Have you encountered them?

A funny thing happened on the way back from the altar - or, in H and my case, the outdoor gazebo. I've been married almost a year and it seems that almost since our wedding day, I've been subjected to comments of this variety ~

We'll be going to your baby shower next!
You've got to start making babies.
You're in your 30's. You'll be lucky to get pregnant now.

Uh, ok.

Isn't if and when I have children H and my business?  So, why can't people leave me alone and stop trying to shove me into a locker filled with binkies and boppies (whatever the hell those are)?

I've come up with three possible reasons ~

1/ It comes from a good place - some people are so filled with joy over parenting that they just want others to experience that joy too.

2/ But I'm smart enough (and old enough, as some people like to point directly at my eggs and remind me) to know that it could also be that misery loves company. Just saying.

3/ Though, I think a third possible reason could exist - it's the 'life affirming' factor.  It works like this ~ Mary really wants you to want what Mary has.  It makes Mary feel better.  As long as Mary thinks other people want what Mary has, it reassures Mary that Mary made the right decisions in life, after all, and Mary can feel good about that ... at least for a moment.

But, Mary, with your little lamb, please! It shouldn't work like that.  If you're truly happy, you don't have to push your life and your choices on anyone else, you don't have to convince anyone to do what you did, you can just accept your friends and loved ones as they are, no matter what their decisions, you're just happy that they're happy.  Is that so hard?  ... Never mind.  Please don't steal my lunch money.

Today, I am grateful ~
1/ that I live in an age where I have control over whether or not to reproduce
2/ that my mom
3/ and my true friends are not amongst those pushing me into a corner with a baby carriage.

Anyway, maybe this is all meant to prepare me for the future in case I do decide to have a baby and then must face the biggest strong-armers of them all ... the breastfeeding bullies.

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