What I learned from my own Running of the Brides experience

I went in 2009 and ...
1/ Go with a team of girls.  I was by myself as my own team (mom, aunts, cousins, friends) are pretty much all in NY/NJ.
2/ Make sure your team consists of morning people. I got there at 7AM and it wasn't early enough. My place in line was all the way around the block.
3/ And, when I finally got inside, not one dress was left on the racks. That's how it works. Hungry brides and their hungry helpers get there very early and run (yes, run!) inside when the doors open to ravage the racks and hoard as many dresses as they can carry. 
4/ Bring your bartering skills.  If you've got nothing to trade, you've got, well, nothing.  Someone took pity on me and gave me a dress they weren't interested in and I used that to barter for other dresses to try on. 
5/ Make sure your team all have the same shirt or hats or antennas. Tell your team to swallow their pride and put their bunny ears on if they're Team Beth's Bridal Bunnies (and that's not the corniest you'll see). How else are you supposed to find them amidst all that chaos and tulle?
6/ Wear nude undergarments and leave your humility at home.  There are no dressing rooms.

Yes, I'm grateful ~
1/ that even though I didn't say yes to the dress on that day, I'm glad I went.  I love to witness these kinds of things.
2/ and that only a few months later, my 'team' came to visit me in Chicago
3/ and it was then that I found my beloved Ines di Santo, which I married my beloved H in.

Check out great pictures of today's craziness at the Chicago Tribune here.

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