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Little things: Royally Mad edition

G0d bless William & Catherineand G0d save the Queenand thank you thank you thank you G0d for ~ 1/ ridiculous hats 2/ and the people who wear them (which would definitely include me if I ever had the opportunity. Fasten me up! When in London … ) 3/ and the photos of said ridiculousness. Check out... Read more »

During the swim portion of the triathlon ...

I wasn’t thinking about my breathing or my stroke or all of the things I should have been thinking about.  It was so choppy and crowded. I was basically doggy paddling my way through.  I was just grateful that I could tread water.  So, what I was actually thinking was “Thank you, Aunt Jo Ann.” It was my Aunt Jo... Read more »

Why it's OK to be a Bridezilla

The short answer: You can’t help it. But, for those friends and family who still don’t get it, here is the long answer ~  You were born this way.  You’re a girly girl.  And girly girls are not made. They’re born.  See my entry from Monday as further proof of this. And, because you were born... Read more »


1/ I’m an ice skater and I’m going to do a triple triple triple double triple double triple double double … triple. 2/ You tripped me … Yes, you did! 3/ No, I never get tired. If you’re so tired, take a nap.  


1/ I’m going to wear my white sundress to the royal wedding on Friday … I’m the maid of honor … I’m bringing a pizza … Princess Kate loves pizza. 2/ Oh, look!  There’s the state bird of New Jersey. 3/ Your hair looks crazy. #MyStomachHurtsFromLaughing  #WhenIsItNapTime

I never thought I could be outshopped by anyone until ...

I went to the mall with my 5 year old niece. Here’s to ~ 1/ throwing up the white flag to J.J. 2/ which, she would probably point out, goes perfectly with her new white sundress from Old Navy 3/ and her ‘heels’ from Children’s Place. That’s the other thing ~ I never thought I... Read more »

There's no place like home...

1/ And nothing like my mother’s artichokes2/ and my Aunt Jo Ann’s homemade bread3/ and my brother’s ham and sweet potatoes.Ruby slippers not required.    Home Sweet Artichoke

Oh the joys of air travel ...

Oh the joys of air travel ...
Voicemail at 11:16AM: This is American Airlines calling about a flight cancellation.  We apologize for the inconvenience. Your flight on April 23rd from O’Hare to Newark has been cancelled. At 11:31AM, I dial 800-433-7300 where I am on hold for 8 minutes. Misery (not her real name): Hello, this is Misery (slightly inaudible) Me: Hi,... Read more »

Little things: Golden Girls edition

Here’s to 1/ admitting that I like to play the slot machines sometimes 2/ even though I’m still under the age of 65 3/ and especially the Wheel Of Fortune version … even though Wheel! Of! Fortuuuuuuuuune! is on a continuous loop in my head right now. Good thing we’re leaving today.

Where in the world ...

Is Fern Ronay? And why the hell am I up this early? I don’t know but I’m just thankful 1/ to be somewhere warm 2/ and that I’ve finally accepted the fact that I’ll never understand craps 3/ but it’s still fun to roll the dice. Viva Las Vegas!!