Fellow Blogger of the Week

There's a certain narcissistic high that comes from blogging.  When you see one of your entries 'retweeted' or 'liked,' there's this unmistakable lift.  It could even make you giddy.

When I first became a blogger, it was explained to me that one of the best ways to promote your blog is by helping to promote other bloggers.  Really?  We're not in competition?  Ha!  Typical thoughts of a lawyer turned blogger, of a traditional businessperson learning the fairly new business of social media.  It's a whole new world. This is not your father's business model.

And, so I learned, to be a successful blogger takes time and effort.  In addition to writing your own blog entries, you know you have to read others and retweet and follow and post and like and Digg and StumbleUpon and FourSquare and Tweetup.

Jackie Tithof-Steere is the fellow blogger of the week because she takes the time and makes the effort.  She writes So Not An Expert and, if I may say so, she is so not a lazy blogger.  When I have actually taken the time to #FF, I've tweeted "#FF @jtithofsteere the most supportive fellow ChicagoNow blogger!"  And, today I'd like to express my gratitude ~

1/ to Jackie
2/ and all of her retweets and likes
3/ and for writing an awesome blog.  It's great to get the support of another blogger, but even better to have the support of one that I respect.  Check out So Not An Expert!

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