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My friend MC, not Hammer

Seattle is not a terrible place to spend Easter but I’d rather be at home.  I know this because four years ago, I was there for work and instead of flying back and forth to/from NYC in less than 48 hours, I decided to stay and just try to have a relaxing, albeit solitary weekend. ... Read more »

On this day in 1959

I have to admit I’m not living in the moment. My thoughts are in the future. And, they’re not that deep. I’m just really looking forward to ~1/ warmer weather and2/ running along the lake and eating outdoors and my spring/summer wardrobe But, I’m trying to appreciate today (cold, indoor today, but today) like this... Read more »

A relatively uneventful bus ride turned mildly interesting when ...

I heard “STOP! STOP THE BUS! HER FOOT IS STUCK!” The bus stopped.  A tall blonde 20-something woman got on and, as she swiped her card, said to the bus driver “My foot was in the door when you started pulling away!” and “It’s not funny!” Then, she got on the phone to her boyfriend/mom/sister.... Read more »

5 Facebook 'Friends' I Hide From My News Feed

They write things like "Happy New Year? Big fucking deal. More bills." Well ok then. Don't think I really want this kind of negativity in my orbit. Godspeed and X
There are just some people you can’t defriend.  And, I don’t really have time to group but if I did, I might still leave out an old acquaintance or friend I’d actually be happy to see pop up in my news feed. That’s why I’m fond of the dirty little ‘X’ Here are 5 types... Read more »

Fellow Blogger of the Week

There’s a certain narcissistic high that comes from blogging.  When you see one of your entries ‘retweeted’ or ‘liked,’ there’s this unmistakable lift.  It could even make you giddy. When I first became a blogger, it was explained to me that one of the best ways to promote your blog is by helping to promote other bloggers. ... Read more »

How my ex-boyfriends paid for my wedding dress alterations

  We had new furniture delivered yesterday, which means I’ll be selling the old stuff on Craigslist, which reminds me of the months before my wedding when I discovered all that ex-boyfriend jewelry and sold it on Craigslist. And, I specifically called it that in the Craigslist ads. Ex-boyfriend jewelry! Tiffany Bracelet! Come and get... Read more »

Thank you Geraldine Ferraro ...

for 1984, when you ~1/ became the only Italian-American to be a major-party national nominee2/ and the first woman3/ and provided definitive proof to elementary age schoolgirls everywhere, including this one, that girls really can do anything boys can do. Rest in peace

Woman loses fingertip in fight at Walmart

Seriously. A Walmart employee suspected her co-worker of sleeping with her husband and the next thing you know, she’s charged with “aggressive battery with great bodily harm causing permanent disfigurement” and the other is missing the tip of her right ring finger. Here’s to ~1/ having all ten fingers and2/ never being in a fight... Read more »

Today is National Chocolate-Covered Raisin Day

I swear! And today I am grateful ~1/ that I actually hate them.  (It’s never a bad thing to hate something chocolate-covered.) But, I am looking forward to 2/ chocolate-covered pretzel day and 3/ chocolate-covered peanut day. … and chocolate-covered strawberry day and chocolate-covered Oreo day and chocolate-covered popcorn day. You?

Thank you, Elizabeth Taylor for ...

1/ Celebrity perfumes ~ long before there was my favorite Sarah Jessica Parker scent, there was White Diamonds2/ Celebrity scandals ~ long before there was Angie/Brad/Jen, there was You/Eddie Fisher/Debbie Reynolds (no offense, but I would have been on Team Debbie if I’d been around back then)3/ Making a sport of marrying ~ not that... Read more »