High school English teacher suspended over blog

She wrote that her students were "rude, disengaged, lazy whiners. They curse,
discuss drugs, talk back, argue for grades, complain about everything,
fancy themselves entitled to whatever they desire and are just generally

She's probably right (let's be honest).  And, she's entitled to voice her opinion. 
But, uh, she might want to consider a career change.  Just saying.
This reminds me of my high school English teacher - I'll call her Mrs. Conner - who, with holes in her pantyhose and a fondness for carrot cake from the school cafeteria, would plop on her desk in front of our honors English class and say things such as:

- The Belleville (New Jersey) school system 'sucks' (how articulate for an English teacher)
- I would never send my daughter through the Belleville school system (an infant at the time; wonder how she turned out)
- Good luck getting into any good school. Only a very small percentage of students from this high school go on to four year colleges.

Hmmm, a word to high school teachers everywhere ~ you have a right to your opinion and a 1st Amendment right to voice it (it's called free speech; you can confirm with your friends in the Social Studies department) but, being in the business of shaping young minds and all, you might want to keep your real name off your blog and/or your negativity to yourself - stuff those words down with carrot cake, if you must.

Today, I am grateful ~
1/ that I would never be caught dead in 'hose'
2/ or eating carrot cake from a school cafeteria
3/ but, mostly, that Mrs. Conner was wrong.

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  • Oh she was a dreadful woman. This story reminds me of another BHS teacher who once told a group of lovely, intelligent young women that they would not amount to anything in life. I love proving people wrong. And I love reading your blog everyday. :)

  • In reply to jillbwood:

    Hahaaa!! Sweet revenge!!
    And, thank you for reading :-)

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