10 Celebrities and the Chicago Restaurants They Love

My parents, who are not celebrities but two Italians from New Jersey, are the biggest foodies in North America, possibly the world.  They live 20 minutes outside of New York City and so they've been to their fare share of Manhattan eateries and they travel to Vermont every year in June ... just for the restaurants.

So, when my mother came to Chicago for the first time and said the words "Chicago has better restaurants than New York," I thought it was kind of earth shattering.  Was that lightning? Did you hear thunder?  But, no mountains crumbled to the sea because it's not that surprising. It's the truth.

In honor of Chicago Restaurant Week, here are 10 other people - celebrities - and the Chicago restaurants they love.  Note: This list excludes 'celebrity chefs' and mere 'sightings' of celebrities at restaurants.

In their own words ~ Today, I am grateful for my three favorite Windy City restaurants ~
1/ Mia Francesca
2/ Osteria via Stato
3/ Friends Sushi.

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