When Things Go Viral and Words to Live By

When things go viral, it's sometimes like a worldwide web version of Telephone.  'Timmy's dog is furry' turns into 'I know where Jimmy Hoffa is buried.'

Take the case of Regina Brett. She's a columnist for The Plain Dealer, Ohio's  largest newspaper.  The day before her 45th birthday she wrote a column called The 45 Lessons Life Taught Me.  

And it became so popular that before Regina Brett knew it, she was a 90 year old newspaper columnist.  She looks great!

Well, regardless of her true age, the advice in her column is timeless.  And only a few years ago, to celebrate turning the tender age of 50, she added 5 more lessons.  You can read them all here. Definitely worth a few minutes of your young life. 


Today, I am grateful for Regina's column, especially

1/ #18
2/ #26
3/ #42

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