Comcast Cable goes black during the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion

Have you ever heard of the Heidi Bowl?

In 1968, during a football game where the New York Jets were playing the Oakland Raiders, NBC terminated the broadcast - with 65 seconds left in the game and Jets leading 32-29 - so that it could air the originally scheduled made-for-TV children's movie Heidi.

Yes, HEIDI!  Angry viewers took to the telephone lines and crashed NBC's switchboard, blowing at least 25 circuits, and also made calls to radio stations, newspapers and even the NYPD.  

To add insult to injury, in those last 65 seconds, the Raiders scored twice and won.  Already livid football fans had to learn that news with a crawl across the screen during a scene in which Heidi's paralyzed cousin Clara falls out of her wheelchair and has to summon the courage to walk.

Similarly, last night, during the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion, Part 1, in between Taylor defending her enormous lips and Camille defending herself, Comcast Cable went black. 

Naturally, I did the 2011 version of calling the station and the police.  I took to Twitter.

REALLY?! @ @ every channel except EXPLAIN

Eventually, service was restored ... only to go black again about 15 minutes later. 

@ @ AGAIN. arghhhh. major explaining to do!! Google Heidi Bowl :-) AFTER you FIX this!!!

About 10 minutes later, it was back on.  But, early on, Kyle was in the lead and then, after service was restored, it looked like Camille was fighting back.  Clearly, I missed some crucial plays.  Not cool, Comcast!

So, to any husbands out there who were working late and came home to find your television smashed to bits with a hair straightener, blame Comcast.  They can be reached on Twitter @comcastcares.  Ha! The irony of that Twitter handle.

Today, I am grateful ~
1/ That Bravo re-aired the Reunion again at 9PM CST.
2/ That by Tuesday's Reunion Part 2, Comcast will have flipped the right switches or whatever they need to do so that this doesn't happen again (I hope).
3/ That Bravo saved all the juicy bits for Part 2 anyway -- Kim's drinking, the dinner party from hell and the real story with Cedric.  Can't wait!  Please, Comcast, don't Heidi Bowl it again.

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  • I too as a true Raider & RHOBH fan can say I was outraged by last nights events! After Taylor "big lips" was talking, comcast went black and I felt lost! Floundering, I was like did the cable just go out or is this my vodka club talking? Fortunately it was comcast and fortunately they re-aired an hour later! How good are these reunion shows! I can't wait to find out next week about Cedric and if he really was left by his prostitute mother at age 7 in a telephone booth!!! As a sidepoint what will we all do June 1, 2011 - this is the greatest blog EVER! ;)

  • In reply to BellevilleGinger:

    LOL!! Glad I was not alone!!
    Yeah, seriously Cedric, did Charles Dickens come back from the dead and write that one for you?!

    AWWW, thank you, thank you, thank you :)

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