All of this talk of impending snow reminds me of ...

When I had just moved to Chicago two years ago and had three different appointments on a very snowy January day.  I was certain that one of them was going to cancel.  It was really coming down.  In NYC/NJ, schools would definitely have been closed or at least delayed. 

But, as it turns out, not one of those appointments was canceled.  One of them even involved me getting on a train to Oak Brook.  Not only was the train on time, the person I was meeting was on time and she had to drive there.  And, not one person the entire day ever mentioned the snow.

Snow? Oh, yeah, it's snowing. Anyway...

That's when I realized "Toto, I don't think we're in the Northeast anymore. This is Chicago. Weather doesn't faze these people."

Until now ... it seems it's all anyone can talk about. 

Today, I am grateful ~
1/ for trains that run on time, even in the snow (in NYC, if it rains, add 20 minutes to your commute)
2/ for people who run on time, even in the snow
3/ that I'm surrounded by expert winter dwellers.  If anyone can weather (pun kind of intended) a snowacalypse, it's Chicagoans.  Show Bloomberg how it's done.  Bring. It.

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Spirit of '67

Thumbnail image for 1967 snow.jpg

( Tribune archive photo )

The heavy snowfall of the 1967 blizzard turned the landscape white and forced many motorists to leave their cars behind, as happened here on the Oakwood Drive entry to Lake Shore Drive.

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