Would you break up with someone this way?

It's called iDump4U.com and for only $10, they'll be the bearer of that bad news for you.  And, they don't just do break ups.  They'll call off your engagement or tell your spouse you want a divorce.  But, those services are a bit more expensive at $25 and $50, respectively. 

And I thought breaking up over email was tacky.  Not anymore.

What do you think of this?

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Today, I am grateful ~
1/ That I've been forgiven (I think) for the times I've used email to deliver unfortunate news
2/ and that I've gotten over (ahem) the times I've been the recipient of those emails
3/ but, mostly, all of the really important conversations I've had in my life have happened face to face. 

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  • If you cannot breakup with me in person then you are just a whimpy puss. Services like this are just making money off people that have no guts to say "Look I don't think things are working out for us and i would like to breakup." GRRR!!!

  • I am alternately amused and horrified by this.

  • In reply to FilmCatcher:

    My sentiments exactly!!

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