Today, my friend tweeted this

OMG! I had to block that guy due to lack of intelligence! Used cause instead of because. #idiots

And I was reminded of this ~

I had been on a few dates with a guy and, one day, I told him how crazy busy I was at work.
He responded "At least it makes the day go bye faster."

I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt.  Maybe he meant being busy makes the day go [insert hand wave] bye bye.

Ok, actually, he belonged under my friend's hashtag for idiots.

Today, I am grateful ~
1/ That H can spell
2/ and for spell check but...
3/ unlike Mr. Bye Bye, I learned a long time ago not to rely on spell check alone.  Never underestimate #ThePowerOfProofreading  Or, better yet, know which word to use bye now!
Just checking to see if you're paying attention.

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  • In Texas I swear people think "exspecially" is a word. Drove me crazy when I lived there. Bye for now, walrus

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