The good thing about losing ALL of the contacts in your phone...

After spending over 3 hours yesterday at Verizon, I left with my phone fixed but none of my contacts.  Apparently, your contacts are automatically saved in GMail but, for some reason, not mine.  Also, the "Backup Assistant" wasn't set up and that's not something they set up for you when you get your phone.  Uh, they should.

So, let's see...

1/ Well, I won't have to send holiday cards this year since I'll be emailing EVERYONE I KNOW and asking for their phone numbers.

2/ I never cleaned out my contacts and there were numbers in there of people I met in the Hamptons in 2001. So, at least my contacts will now be current. A lot less scrolling! Woohoo!

3/ Apparently, if I still have my old phone, they might be able to retrieve them from there.  Fingers crossed.  But, if that doesn't work and you know me, can you email me your phone number? Thanks! Happy Holidays!

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