Lie to me

My friend V lied to me on my wedding day and it was one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me. 

This is how it happened ~ I had made a video montage for the reception and during the cocktail hour, I asked V to check on the video setup.  She told me everything was peachy keen - she didn't actually use that phrase, she's cooler than that - and I went back to greeting guests and enjoying myself.

But, months later, the truth came out.  Apparently, the media company responsible for setting up the dvd and projector sent - let's be honest here - a total moron.  He was late.  He was bumbling and confused.  He brought the wrong equipment and he had to go back to his office to get the right stuff.  And he had to do it all before the reception started.  Because, of course, if this Bridezilla had walked into the reception and he was still in the corner fiddling with everything, I would have just had to point my bouquet at him and press the Fire button (my florist was awesome).

But, no one went up in flames that day.  In fact, it was magic.  Everything was far as I knew.   

Thank you, V!  And, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Today, I am grateful ~

1/ That V yelled at the video moron to get it together.  

2/ That V lied to me.

3/ But, mostly, that V's my friend. And, that's the truth.

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