How My Jewish Husband Reminds Me to Be a Better Christian

Me: If I were Rudolph, I would tell Santa to kiss off.

H: Why?

Me: Because Santa is such a user. He looked down on Rudolph.  He tsk-tsk'ed at his red nose.  But then all of a sudden, when he needs him...

H: So, no kids would get toys because you're holding a grudge against Santa?

Me: Yes.


Whenever we pass someone on a street corner asking for change, H always stops to give them something.

Me: You don't have to stop every single time and give them something.

H: Yes, I do.


Today, I am grateful ~

1/ That I married such a decent man

2/ For the times when I remember to ask myself What Would Jesus Do? (or Rudolph)

3/ But, mostly, for the many times when I've been the one on the receiving end of forgiveness or compassion.

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