A Tale of Two Christmases: Me, a Homeless Man and my Sunglasses

I lost my Fendi sunglasses on Friday while bargain hunting at Filene's Basement.

I called the store again yesterday just in case someone turned them in and when the lady told me they had them, I squealed.  I felt like Scrooge on Christmas morning.  I wanted to hug strangers on the street. I bought Godiva chocolates for the nice lady in Filene's customer service because I felt I couldn't show up empty handed.

And, when I walked into customer service, there was my angel behind the counter but as I walked toward the counter, I almost tripped on something.  To my right, slumped over in a chair, was a man.  He had long gray, stringy hair and was wearing a dirty coat, dirty pants and dirty sneakers.  His pants were mid-calf and I caught a glimpse of his skin.  It was red and peeling. And, I have to be honest, he emitted a horrible sour smell.

So, one second after I almost tripped over this man, I uttered the following words:

I think you have my Fendi sunglasses. 

Customer service: Yes, we do.  They're right here.

Me (clapping my hands): OH! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!

Me again, remembering the chocolates I brought: These are for you. Merry Christmas!!

Customer service: Thank you! Merry Christmas!

Then, I turned around and saw a security guard walk toward the man, show his badge and say "You have to leave."

While I'm grateful today,
1/ to the person who returned my sunglasses
2/ and the lady in customer service who has morals and didn't keep them for herself,

I've been wondering if I should have given the chocolates to the man in the chair or if I should sell my sunglasses on Ebay and donate the money to a homeless shelter.  I don't know.  I will do something but in the meantime, I am grateful that I will be spending Christmas ~

1/ clean
2/ warm
3/ far from hungry and
4/ with my family.

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