What would your food tattoo be?

food tatt.jpg

Marc Carroll at http://www.flickr.com/groups/foodtatts/

Yes, people do this. Seriously, check it out here.

Mine would be pasta.  Hands down.  Angel hair with gravy (marinara sauce) and lots of grated cheese.

Today, I am grateful ~
1/ For all of the other food lovers in the world like me.  My vision of hell is being surrounded by people who don't want to eat.
2/ That I've never gotten a tattoo.  Not that there's anything wrong with them but...
3/ my tastes have changed over the years. For instance, I've been choosing rotini over angel hair lately.  Maybe it's just a phase.  But, what if it's permanent? That would be some expensive corrective ink.

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  • Beef jerky, and maybe I could get it all lined up with my shoulder muscle or something cool and pretty much disgusting like that.

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